Greenhouse Horticulture supplier Hortilife BV from Twello will be located on the A1 Business Park Deventer. In the autumn of 2018 the company wants to move to a sustainable building on a plot of approximately 7,100 m2.

"We are really fine in Twello", says Adrie Daanen, director of Hortilife. "For us, there is just no suitable room for expansion with a new building. So we have to move out. The A1 Business Park Deventer is the best alternative for us. The accessibility and location right next to the A1 are ideal for us."

High-tech home at A1 Business Park Deventer
Daanen: "Innovation and sustainability are very important to us. This applies to our high-tech products and the new facility that will be built for us. Also in that respect we feel at home at A1 Business Park Deventer."

Sales in Russia, Ukraine and Baltic States
The company has over 20 years of experience in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States. Hortilife supplies greenhouse structures, heating and irrigation systems and all kinds of materials for greenhouse horticulture. All systems are designed and engineered in-house. The company has 20 employees and independent partner companies in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Baltic states.

Sustainable and innovative business park
A1 Business Park Deventer is part of the Cleantech Region. "Innovation and sustainability are inextricably linked with Business Park A1," says alderman Frits Rorink. "We want to become one of the most sustainable business parks in the Netherlands. Besides consideration for sustainable construction and integration there is a lot of attention put towards water and green structure."

Innovative energy supply
Frits Rorink: "A1 Business Park Deventer is gas-free, there are no gas connections at the business park. Innovative solutions for the energy supply are available and, among others, ‘our own’ windmills can be used. An innovative company such as Hortilife fits in perfectly."

"Multiplier for new jobs"
The arrival of companies to this business park, also brings new employment opportunities to Deventer. Alderman for Economics Jan Jaap Kolkman: "Hortilife will of course bring along their own employees. But every new company acts as a multiplier for new jobs. Especially if it inspires other companies to come to A1 Business Park Deventer."

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Hortilife bv
Twello, Nederland