Dutch companies active in Controlled Environment Agriculture may be interested to learn about a new initiative being launched in Canada. A consortium of Dutch CEA companies is collaborating under the Canada Aim to Grow brand to enter the Canadian market, and is inviting additional companies to join the group.

Some 86% of fruits and 39% of fresh vegetables consumed in Canada are imported from the US and Mexico, thousands of kilometers away. The purpose of Canada Aim to Grow is to present a professional team of Dutch companies, products, and know-how that can support the development and expansion of fresh vegetable and fruit production to help ensure food sovereignty and food and nutritional security in the region. The consortium is collaborating with the Dutch government in this 2-3 year initiative, and building relationships with Canadian governments, institutions, growers, and the public to ensure its long-term success.

The Dutch Government will be signing a covenant with the consortium in December, and the group invites companies interested in joining to get in touch by December 12.

For more information:
Canada Aim to Grow
Charlene Lambert
M +31 (0) 6 2184 7256