Renewal of the active substance iprodione under Regulation 1107/2009 was voted on by the European Commission Standing Committee (SCoPAFF) at their meeting in October 2017 and re-approval was not granted. Sales and use of products containing iprodione will therefore now be phased out.

Sales of products containing iprodione in the UK will end in 2018. The last date for storage, disposal and use of the products will also end in 2018 (actual dates will be published next month). EU MRLs for iprodione could default to the LoQ (0.01mg/kg) anytime between June and December 2018 depending on the wording of the MRL Regulation which is expected to be published around June 2018.

For edible crops it is recommended that iprodione products should not be applied to any crops destined for harvest after May 2018 and that treated crops are placed on the UK market by June 2018.

Source: AHDB