Hortimat has grown considerably in recent years in the supply of used overhauled machines. The company is expanding constantly. Ordered machines and projects keep on growing and customers are increasingly representing large business organizations. Customers not only ask for a revised machine but for a total solution.

This means in practice that in addition to a pepper sorting machine, an integrated harvesting and unloading system is also desired with a logistic solution for the sorted product.

In order to meet this demand, Hortimat's workshop has now grown from 500 m2 to 2,000 m2, and an automated parts storage system has been installed.

Geert van der Meer, Stef van der Linden and Peter-Marcel Nauta

Work processes
"The optimization of work processes is now the key word. This is needed to be able to realize further growth and to keep safeguarding quality," according to Geert van der Meer (Director of Hortimat).

Brand new 
Hortimat has now also included a set of new products in their sales line. These are listed on the website under the name: Brand new. For example, Hortimat has its own electric pipe rail trolley and the Bio Bull crop shredder. They are the official dealer of these new products for the Netherlands and Europe, Canada, US, and Mexico.

Optimizing work processes
Peter-Marcel Nauta (Hortimat controller) has been reinforcing the Hortimat team since mid 2017 and is controlling the optimization process. Peter-Marcel: "The work processes at Hortimat are designed in such a way to allow work to be performed optimally and efficiently." The Hortimat ERP system combines all of the information flows in the company: the website, quotations and stock management to order administration, billing and workshop. It is an organized way of working.

Geert: "This is supported by the whole company, everyone is working with it. The involvement is great among the employees. We want to grow further and continue to safeguard quality. Everything has to be well-organized." The continued optimization of the work processes is therefore at this time the common thread of Hortimat.

Stef van der Linden has recently joined Hortimat, he's working on the website and stock management.

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