Influenced by increasing consumer awareness, international agri-food markets are focusing more and more on food safety. What is more, EU policies have been pushing for years for stricter regulations to guarantee high-quality and healthy production cycles.

European Directives are exactly what led to the creation of a new service, called 'Agri-Control', aimed at supermarkets, retail chain buyers, commercial companies and agricultural business in general. The purpose is to assign food a meaning that goes beyond that of being a simple consumer commodity. It has become linked with the concepts of health, environment and social relations.

"Competitiveness is related to constant product verification and is currently the only way to occupy a considerable share of a market that is increasingly selective and sensitive to consumer and food safety needs. Companies must be able to evolve with demand to gain consumer trust and increase their profits," commented Gianni Polizzi, the Agrobusiness agronomist who developed Agri-Control.

Gianni Polizzi

"Agri-Control is necessary to meet market demand, which expects healthy products that are increasingly sustainable and with a low environmental impact. In addition, it provides help for businesses that need to comply with the evolution of European regulations and meet retailer demands. Combining crop defence with the various requirements means safeguarding both harvest and income."

Agri-Control has the objective of supplying a complete monitoring solution that not only keeps tabs on the check-in and check-out of products, but that monitors production processes as well.

The service monitors on-field pesticide residues and manages technical/qualitative relations with retailers to assess the preventive release of pre-harvesting batches. Of course Agri-Control also considers the Production specifications of various trade platforms and/or destination markets.

The service works thanks to the support of Agronomists working in compliance with the most modern ISO standards and with a lengthy experience in the Food certification (IFS, BRS, GlobalGAP etc) and field assistance sectors. They help businesses meet the requirements of Italian and foreign retail chains and use their knowledge (IT and analytical) and necessary tools to make sure quality is in line with the many European regulations and technical production specifications. 

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