In order to meet the increasing demand for local service and distribution of their coir growing media in the United States, Brown Grow announces the establishment of their latest U.S. subsidiary. From now on, the U.S. greenhouse industry can order directly from Brown Grow America LLC. This enable their customers to take advantage of faster delivery times and easier shipments. "As well as this we will be able to offer competitive prices, as we do not outsource distributorship", the company said in a news release. 

Thushara Wijayasingha, Director of Business Development, explained that the company is experiencing an ever growing demand for coir growing media in North America. "We are working with local partners in Mexico already, but in order to serve the U.S. market better the creation of a United States business entity was required. This enables us to handle the distribution and shipping ourselves. Next to this we will have boots on the ground to consultant our customers and guide them in the use of our products." 

Brown Grow is a manufacturer of coir growing media, specialized in hydroponics and greenhouse growing. The company manufactures their products in Sri Lanka but ships worldwide. They have a large market share in the Australian, Russian and Eastern-European market. "Due to the large interest in growing hydroponically, we are now expanding in the U.S.A too. Especially for our recently introduced Red Slab, Universal Disc for Cannabis and Flower growers.Our Faster bags are tailored to grow berry and soft fruit crops, we foresee a huge potential on the market." 
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