After the first two webinars of the Hoogendoorn and Partners Webinar Series on ‘Next Generation Growing’, the next free webinar ‘Water balance’ will be organized with Cultilene on Wednesday, November 22, 2017. Would you like to realize a steady balance between irrigation and evaporation and maintain optimal conditions in the root zone? Don’t miss out on this webinar.

This 60-minute webinar is the 3rd webinar of the Hoogendoorn and Partners Webinar Series on ‘Next Generation Growing’, consisting of four webinars. The first webinar on plant empowerment was organized with partner on October 5. In this webinar, the three plant balances that mainly determine the growth processes of a plant were introduced: the water balance, the energy balance, and the assimilates balance. In the second webinar with Koppert, the assimilates balance was discussed in more detail.

In the following webinar on November 22, Hoogendoorn and Cultilene will discuss the plant balance ‘water balance’.
  • When? Wednesday November 22, 2017
  • Where? Online
  • Duration? 60 minutes
  • What? Water balance
  • Time? 9 am or 3 pm (CET)
  • Costs? Free
What you will learn during this webinar?
  • How to irrigate based on the plant needs with supplementary lighting or diffuse covers?
  • How do we make best use of the control potential of the substrate?
  • How to have an anticipatory irrigation control instead of taking corrective actions?
  • How to increase uniformity of your crop in your greenhouse ?
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You can sign up until November 20.

Did you miss the first two webinars ‘Plant empowerment’ and ‘Assimilates Balance’?
The joint webinar will be presented by René Beerkens, greenhouse climate consultant at Hoogendoorn and Remy Maat, Product and application manager at Cultilene.

René Beerkens, Hoogendoorn
As a Greenhouse grower’s son, it is no surprise that René Beerkens has a passion for Horticulture. René joined Hoogendoorn in 2000 to combine his interest for computers and horticulture as a consultant and trainer with a focus on data driven growing. His daily job is to help growers around the world to optimize their greenhouse climate, irrigation and energy controls. This is done by digitizing Growers experience based on ‘green thumb’ feelings into strategically chosen digital set points on the Hoogendoorn climate controls.

Remy Maat, Cultilene
Remy Maat joined Saint-Gobain Cultilene in 2010. In his role as product and application specialist, he helps growers and consultants to optimize the use of their substrate system. By helping the growers to control the set-up of the substrate system, setting target levels, taking measurements and discussing about this all, growers can get the best out of their substrate.

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