Steady as it goes is the name of the game for supplies of cucumbers in the state of Michigan.

“The local supply of cucumbers has ended recently,” says Matt Robinson of Ann Arbor, Mi.-based Frog Holler Produce. Frog Holler is a 40-year-old company that partners with Michigan growers and other suppliers to bring produce to the region. “It is very late in the season for Michigan. We went two weeks longer in 2017 in comparison to 2016.”

This despite the fact that cucumbers got an earlier start to the season this year. “I would say we were about two weeks ahead of normal,” says Robinson. “Everything got off to a good start this spring.”

Pressures from nearby
More recently, Frog Holler has been receiving cucumbers from Mexico as well to offset the competition coming in from areas such as New York and Indiana who’ve had product available recently.

Meanwhile prices are staying steady. “It’s been virtually the same for the past few weeks and also last October. It’s steady and no dramatic changes are expected,” says Robinson.

Florida effect?
That said, he does anticipate the recent weather events may start to put pressure on getting product. “Very soon we will start to feel the effects of damage that was caused by the hurricanes and the heavy rains in Florida,” he adds.

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