After announcing the acquisition of Innotec Systems back in July, OctoFrost has gone a step further and announced the launch of a free online platform, Octofrost Link, for its customers and partners at the most recent edition of Anuga 2017.

"We believe that our platform will change the way business is done in the IQF sector. After more and more traders and wholesale buyers on the market, started turning to us when looking for reliable suppliers of premium IQF products all across the world, we realised that we could help them out by creating a communication link between demand and supply," shared Svetlana Plotean from Octofrost.

Offered free of charge to all OctoFrost Frozen Processors and traders around the world, the OctoFrost Link is an online platform where traders can find suppliers of OctoFrost Frozen products worldwide. All users have the ability to create their own company profile, show their geographical location and mark the products they sell or buy, along with connecting directly through and internal messaging system. Users can set alarms for specific products of interest, or even post a request or a product announcement.

"As with any other development and innovation OctoFrost is implementing, customer focus has been at the heart of the OctoFrost Link platform. Today OctoFrost is not just a supplier of processing equipment, it has also become a trusted partner for customers and partners by helping them grow, develop and find new business opportunities. Steve Jobs once said, that Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower, and so OctoFrost is fully committed to be a leader dedicated to the success and prosperity of its customers."

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