The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) released its comprehensive 2018 Farm Bill policy platform, An Agenda for the 2018 Farm Bill.

NSAC’s 120 member organizations put together these recommendations after months of working closely with each other and with grassroots stakeholders on the ground. An Agenda for the 2018 Farm Bill provides a comprehensive vision for a more sustainable farm and food system based on the expert analysis and experience of farmers and ranchers and the groups who represent them.

“NSAC has spent the last two years hosting farmer listening sessions and working closely with our members to ensure that our farm bill recommendations were informed and guided by the experiences of family farmers and ranchers,” said Greg Fogel, NSAC Policy Director. “We heard a lot of positive feedback about experiences with USDA programs, but we also learned that many producers and rural communities are continuing to struggle and are in need of the kind of deep and long-lasting support Congress can provide in the 2018 Farm Bill. An Agenda for the 2018 Farm Bill touches on nearly all titles of the farm bill and provides detailed recommendations on how Congress can build upon the successes of the 2014 Farm Bill to help farmers and ranchers ensure a robust and thriving American agricultural system for years to come.”

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