A Florida business owner chooses a unique method of finding a new proprietor for his successful, 25-year-old hydroponic gardening store in Largo, Florida. On April 2, 2018, Simply Hydroponics and Organics will be given as the prize in an international essay contest. The essay: 250 words that express why the writer is the most worthy person to receive the business, the building, the valuable real estate, the website which gets half a million hits a year, a couple stellar employees and more.

Why not just throw it on the market? Owner, Allan Bednar has spent the last quarter century building something more than a business and now that he's ready to move into the next phase of his life, he wants to find an individual who'll be an amazing steward of what he's built.

"I want to make sure our customers will still be taken care of in the same way. After all these years, many of them are like family and we feel the same about our staff," Allan said. "We've tried to create something that betters the community," he went on. "We do a lot of work with teachers as well as food banks, community gardens, etc. If someone contacts us about a worthwhile project, we always endeavor to help however we can. We want Simply Hydroponics to have that same positive energy for years to come."

Another aspect that's very exciting to both he and his wife, Dawn is the chance to give an amazing opportunity to someone who may find it difficult to own their own business in these challenging economic times. Knowing that there are so many brilliant, good and talented people struggling to make their dreams a reality, they see this as an opportunity to bless at least one person with a dream come true. They just want to find the person who will make the most of it. The final 25 essays will be judged by three amazing impartial judges whom the owners have every confidence will find the soul within the words and choose the perfect one.

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