Yilmaz Radijs is one of the largest radish nurseries in the Netherlands, operating a total of 20 hectares in 4 greenhouses. Zülküf Yilmaz, owner of Yilmaz Radijs, is an entrepreneur who finds it important to continue innovating to improve the cultivation.

Since June 2017, Yilmaz and Stolze have discussed the possibilities of supplemental lighting, something that so far is hardly done in radish cultivation. After looking at various possibilities and a previous test with only SON-T lighting, Yilmaz eventually chose for hybrid lighting, a combination of SON-T and LED. Selected were Agrolux assimilation fixtures and Philips Greenpower LED Toplighting modules. Yilmaz is the first radish nursery in the Netherlands with hybrid lighting on a large scale.

Without lighting, it takes an average of 11 to 12 weeks before the radish can be harvested. It is expected that with hybrid lighting this will be reduced to 6 or 7 weeks. Another advantage of this lighting is that Yilmaz can deliver good quality the entire year. In addition, the shelf life of the radish will be extended and the radish will have more flavor.

Yilmaz and Stolze have previously worked together in the field of water engineering and Yilmaz has also now chosen for Stolze for the installation of the hybrid lighting. In recent weeks the lighting has been installed in the 2.5 ha greenhouse at the Woutersweg in 's-Gravenzande and in week 41 the lighting was put into service. If the results of the hybrid lighting meet expectations, Yilmaz wants to expand the lighting within 4 years to a total of 10 hectares and ultimately to 20 hectares.

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