The Belgian greenhouse season isn't over yet. "We are already seeing some Spanish product but most supermarkets here in Belgium continue with domestic product for as long as possible. I think that a lot of Dutch retailers switch to import more quickly, Belgians less so," says a Belgian trader. He isn't dissatisfied with the season. "The greenhouse vegetable market was a lot less dramatic than in previous seasons. Thankfully the number of destructions this year was quite low. I think it has to do with the area in Belgium slowly shrinking."

Good tomato pricese
He indicates that the tomato price is very good at the moment. "On October 17 the price for vine tomatoes was 1.35 and the loose tomatoes are around the Euro. That's a considerable price. Cucumbers are also quite expensive and the prices have gone up to 60 cents. The supply of Spanish continues to lag behind a little this week." He says it is striking that there is still a growing demand for special tomatoes. "This is a flourishing trade."


He says the courgettes were very expensive for a long time. "This was mainly to do with the fact that Spain was bothered by the New Delhi virus. They went up to 80 cents each, but the decrease started at the end of last week. The courgette prices were around 35 cents today." He is also positive about the aubergines. "These have had quite considerable prices all summer and are now around a Euro per kilo. The peppers are also going well. Red is around the Euro and yellow and green are up to 1.20- 1.30."

When it comes to the winter vegetables the prices aren't too high. "Leek is quite cheap, between 25 and 30 cents. Chicory is back for more and the price differs from a Euro in Roeselare to 1.20 in Mechelen. Field lettuce is in a dip, 50 cent to a Euro is given per box."