Over 50 growers from Michigan and Ohio attended grower meeting held in Kalamazoo Michigan. Attendees were mostly ornamental growers and were treated to talks by their peers which was educational and earned them up to 3 MI RUP’ as well.

Tom Piepkow of Kilbourn Produce gave an excellent overview of growing greenhouse vegetables in high tech greenhouses where he shared how they use various biological control products and lean on the depth of experience that Plant Products brings from nutrition and a well-rounded IPM control program. After the meeting Kilbourn opened their doors and allowed those that wanted a chance to see a modern greenhouse bell pepper operation.

Darrell Sorenson of Natural Beauty gave a talk on the key steps to convert from a conventional pest control program to an IPM program and how they have an excellent handle on how to integrate biological control and bio-pesticides with the help of Plant Products technical team.

Tom Costamagna of Amercan Color took the room into the intricacies of fertilizer and how he incorporates the flexibility of Selectus fertilizer from Plant Products into his operation in his Virginia location.

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