October falls in the middle of the season of ordering new stone wool slabs. Fried Koop, Benfried; "We note that growers are really loyal to their current slab suppliers. On the other hand, the step to a trial with a different slab is made very fast. Growers make their choice of slab based on reliability, controllability, root penetration and good performance throughout the year. That's it in a nutshell."

During the trial, sampled slabs are opened to properly study and evaluate the root penetration. Fried: "There are many trials done by growers, and our stone wool slab, Multigrow, stands out with better root penetration. We offer a durable stone wool slab with a formaldehyde-free binder. With the development of Multigrow we aimed for a robust development of roots by omitting plant-unfriendly material. This results in a stronger plant structure, which means that there is a more resistant plant in the greenhouse."

At the location in Den Hoorn the slabs are custom made and prepared. Fried: "We can offer tailor made work: length, height, width and provided with various plant holes.

Benfried also gets increasingly more orders worldwide for Multigrow. Fried: "The first order from Gran Canaria came in. And the season has just begun. Besides, the nice thing about this customer is that he did not test our product. He already knew Multigrow from other growers. So that makes this very special." 

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