As a result of urbanization and the increasing demand for housing space, the Austrian greenhouse industry that surrounds Vienna is getting a new boost. Existing farmers and operators of small scale greenhouses are receiving interesting offers to sell their properties. Some of them are therefore going out of business, others are investing their money to start new operations elsewhere. 
This is also partly the reason why Austrian company Gartenbau Flicker GmbH is currently building a new 4.2 hectare greenhouse project just outside of Vienna. Being built in two phases of 2.1 hectare each and nearing completion by the end of 2017, Flicker will soon start cultivation of mini snacking cucumbers for the local market when the project is complete. 

The project is being realized by several partners, such as Havecon, Gakon, A1 Tuinbouwtechniek and Austrian greenhouse supplier Wimmer Gartenbautechnik. Maria Wimmer represents Havecon in Austria. The Dutch greenhouse manufacturer will realize the 6 meter high structure that comes with an 8 meter trellis and 5 meter baysize. 

The greenhouse will have all of the latest technologies inside, it comes with +91% glass, a double screen installation and will have supplemental lighting inside. To extend the day and increase the productivity of the crop, Flicker has chosen to install LED lighting. 
Austria is a challenging country for greenhouse growers, due to the high cost of energy and the cold and darker winters. The greenhouse will make use of two efficient natural gas boilers to heat the greenhouses. Next to this it will have a shading screen installed as well as an energy efficient thick insulating screen to prevent light pollution and energy spills. 

This is also the reason why the construction of the project must be completed before winter starts. A Dutch horticulture technology provider is responsible for installing the heating system in time. A1 Scherming has been contracted to install the screen systems. 
Currently phase one of the project is being glazed, while the final preparations take place to start glazing the second phase. The company hopes to be operational by February 2018. 

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