A large heroin production facility has been discovered by Dutch police during a raid in the province of South-Holland. The heroin was produced at an automobile repair shop and several greenhouse companies were involved in the criminal activities. The greenhouses were used for the cultivation of bell peppers and cucumbers, but also as a cover-up to order chemicals. After the delivery of these suspicious chemicals, the police was alarmed. Extensive investigation led to the raid of the companies and the arrest of several suspects.

The greenhouses were used to order large quantities of acetic anhydride, a chemical that is not commonly used as fertilizer for cucumber or bell pepper crops. The companies ordered it in large quantities, which triggered some alarm bells, as acetic anhydride can be used to make heroin out of morphine. The amount of acetic anhydride delivered in 2017 was enough to produce as much as 1,500 kilograms of heroin.