While peel and reseal top lidding film is a well established product in the fresh produce market, due to technical challenges, it has been limited in use to only plastic punnets. “Through dedicated development we are launching a lidding film that strongly adheres to an Earthcycle™ moulded pulp container,” says Shannon Boase with CKF, Inc. “It can be easily opened and then resealed with a light touch, multiple times. This is a first-in-market product for a peel and reseal lidding film for non-laminated moulded pulp packaging,” she added.

Packaging sizes
This solution expands the use of the Earthcycle™ punnets to larger club packs while making it more consumer friendly. The peel and reseal film is available in combination with 1.5 lb. bowls, 1 lb. TOV trays and pints. “This film has been on our target development list since we first presented a top sealed Earthcycle punnet in 2013,” says Brad Dennis with CKF, Inc. “We know that with more consumer demand moving towards snacking that a resealable lid is necessary.” In addition to convenience, this film also offers the consumer convenient storage while the packer and retailer can easily stack the packages in transit and at retail. Merchandising of the final produce is not compromised as the large top seal window provides maximum visibility with an environmentally responsible package. 

Tested for tomatoes
The film has been tested with tomatoes, but it is CKF’s intention to roll it out to other produce categories, including the berry segment. “During the testing phase, we look at how the adhesive holds up in different temperatures,” said Boase. “If it’s too cold, sometimes adhesives stop working.” Initially, the peel and reseal film will be used for organic produce. “There is a natural fit between organic produce and the environmental elements of Earthcycle packaging. However, over time it is expected to be used with conventional produce as well.” In Europe in particular, the attention on food waste is growing across the board, not just within the organic category. CKF’s new product is available worldwide.

Environmental benefits
“Environmental stewardship is a founding principle of our company” says Shaun Ashworth, President of Associated Labels and Packaging Ltd. “We wanted to find a way to extend the environmental benefits of the Earthcycle packaging to a wider market and to speak to growing retailer demands by offering a peel and reseal feature for our top lidding film.” An Earthcycle ™ punnet with a peel and reseal lidding film uses 90% less plastic than a comparable plastic clamshell which means a reduction in waste to landfill and an increased use of renewable resources.

To see the product, please visit booth 5747 at the PMA Fresh Summit and take a look at the “Fresh Ideas Showcase.”

This video demonstrates the peel and reseal features:

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