Plantagon’s governance model the Companization is picking up international attention. The model is built on an advanced societal approach where the objective is to democratize the share holding company by taking away anonymous ownership that only focuses on maximizing profit. Together with the global investment fund, Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, and Central Bank of Brazil, Plantagon will be part of an innovative interdisciplinary study by the Peace Research Institute in Oslo titled Investment for Peace: Innovative Strategies for Finance Management.

Moral Business and Finance of Capitalism. Equity Economics in Political Philosophy and Religious Knowledge of the Multinational Company is the title of the research project, included in the Investment for Peace study, by Dr. Lars Kirkhusmo Pharo, researcher from Harvard University and the Berlin based Max Planck Institute. Dr. Pharo bases his book on studies of the innovative moral business model and finance philosophy of the Companization model, applied by Plantagon International.

“We are radically challenging short term economic paradigms. Being acknowledged by prominent researchers in such an impressive study, this indicates that our governance model may be ground-breaking and even important for the future development of business. I hope that the research findings will be used for an absolute necessary value change in the business community from short-term to long-term, and that it will be a piece in the puzzle to develop modern legislations and policies for organizations and business - aiming not only at maximizing profit but meeting societal challenges - locally as well as globally,” says Hans Hassle, developer of the Companization governance model and co-founder of Plantagon.

The project's analysis of ethical governance, laws and bylaws, articles of association, regulations, business and investment strategies of various economic institutions will contribute valuable comparative knowledge about social impact and responsibility of interrelated actors in the international financial market.

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