Russell IPM, the North Wales based Biocontrol company is launching its flagship product Optiroll Super plus in the USA market during the Biocontrol East exhibition – Orlando 12-13 October 2017 and announcing the inauguration of its USA operation.

Optiroll Super plus promises to be a key non-chemical instrument in the management of Western Flower Thrips (WFT). It can be an important tool in managing resistance to pesticides and integrates well with biological pest management programs.

Optiroll Super Plus was developed specifically to control WFT. It is a unique, season-long sticky tape with optimised colour (Wave length) treated with non-drying glue, printed with special patterns and incorporating a microencapsulated Western Flower Thrips aggregation pheromone for enhanced attraction.

“With the use of Optiroll, a reduction of 50% in thrips was observed from January to June, and adequate control of thrips was achieved without the use of pesticides, according to Driscoll’s guidelines” commented Mr Arturo Sánchez Ramírez, Crop Protection Analyst at Driscoll’s Jacona Michacán – Mexico.

Field studies have demonstrated that Optiroll, in conjunction with macro biologicals, can lead to a superior control to WFT in strawberry fields and significant improvement in the crop quality and market value.

Optiroll Super plus is an advanced product which consistently reduces thrips populations and resulting damage in protected crops. It is the result of many years of research and development.

Dr Clare Sampson, Horticultural Development Manager at Russell IPM will be giving a presentation during the BioControl East Exhibition sharing the results of her latest field trials showing a Western Flower Thrips reduction by 50-80%.

2017 field UK trial site, where plots with Optiroll super plus had half the number of thrips, compared to plots without, and the combined use of Optiroll with predatory mites and Orius achieved season-long control with minimal crop damage.

Russell IPM is also announcing the launch of its US subsidiary Russell IPM Inc. and its logistics and customer service centre in Yazoo City, Mississippi. “It is an exciting major first step into this dynamic and fast evolving market which will enable us to support our partners promptly and also to lay the foundation to expand our collaborative efforts in both non-chemical pest management in Horticulture and smart pest monitoring and forecasting technology” Dr Shakir Al-Zaidi, managing director of Russell IPM added.

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