Trailer rental company in the Nordics, PNO, is now expanding its business with an office in the Netherlands. The Dutch market of yearly registered trailers is the same size as the entire Nordics, and with similar legislation and working culture as Denmark, the assessment is therefore that it should be easy to adjust to the market conditions.

For some time now PNO has had the ambitions of expanding business outside of the Nordics. Now it is finally possible for the Danish trailer rental company to announce their entry in the Netherlands from 1st of January 2018 and due to several reasons.

“The market entry in the Netherlands is a big step for PNO. We are very happy and proud of PNO’s development and it’s our ambition to continue this development in the same positive direction. The market size is huge for transportation and the Dutch market is very similar on various aspects to Denmark. So that’s why it’s an obvious opportunity for PNO to set up business here,” says Jacob Lee Ørnstrand and continues:

“Furthermore we have decided to place ourselves in Venlo, close to Germany, which also works as a huge transport route between the Netherlands and Germany. About 50 percent of the traffic between the two countries goes through Venlo so there’s a great potential for a company as ourselves.”

From 2018 PNO can look forward to its market entry in the Netherlands. A market with the same number of yearly registered trailers as the entire Nordic region and more than 13,000 registered trailers last year.

The right market synergy
When PNO is settled in Venlo from the 1st of January 2018, Jacob Lee Ørnstrand will be the primary point of contact. He will ensure PNO gets a good start off in the new market before the Dutch Country Manager takes over from 1st of April 2018.

“Even though the Netherlands and the Nordics are similar in so many ways, it is still important to start out with the right synergy within PNO to provide the future Country Manager with the best conditions to develop PNO in the new market. That’s why I’ll be the primary contact and stay very close to the Netherlands in the beginning. That’s how we make sure everything works as it is supposed to,” says Jacob Lee Ørnstrand.

PNO’s Dutch Country Manager will be Martijn van Rijswijck and he’ll provide PNO with a market insight, which makes it possible to succeed in the Dutch merchant culture where the transport industry plays a huge part.

Furthermore, the goal for PNO is to deliver the same flexible solutions in the Netherlands as they already do in the existing markets in the Nordics.

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