The total amount of cucumber that has been purchased in 2016 worldwide has been 2.5 million kilos. Of the three largest buyers of cucumber in the world, which together buy 59 percent of the total, Germany pays the highest price (1.038 € / kg), followed by the United Kingdom (1.022 € / kg) and the United States, which last year paid an average price of 0.77 euros per kilo of imported cucumber.

Last year, the historical record was broken by the global investment in buying cucumbers, with a total value of 2.1 million euros, according to data from Comtrade, the Statistics Division of the United Nations (UN), prepared by Hortoinfo, using the code 0707 (fresh cucumber) Integrated Tariff of the European Communities - TARIC (Integrated Tariff of the European Communities).

The biggest buyers of this vegetable throughout the world were the United States, with 873 million kilos (34.17%), Germany, with 457 million kilos (17.9%) and the UK with 168 million kilos (6.58%).

The fourth largest buyer was Russia with 115 million kilos (4.53%). Since 2014 Russia has halved cucumber purchases abroad, from 231 million kilos to 115.

The fifth place is occupied by Belgium, which imported a total of 98 million kilos (3.83%).

In sixth place comes the Netherlands, with 95 million kilos (3.72%), France appears in seventh place with 77.7 million kilos, Czech Republic in eighth with 74 (2.91%), Canada in ninth position at 55 (2.14%) million kilos, and closing the top 10 is Poland, which last year imported a total of 48 million kilos of cucumber, 1.86 percent of the world total.

Spain was the thirty-seventh country in the amount of cucumber bought in the world last year, with a total of 7.31 million kilos of cucumber, 0.29 percent of the world total, with a value of 7.21 million and an average price of 0.99 euros per kilo.

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