The JSK, a Certhon designed heating and cooling system, has been used by Koppert Cress. Combining innovative climate technologies with a semi-closed system that combines greenhouse heat and cooling, the frequent use of low-temperature heat and cold, makes Koppert Cress's climate solution one of the most widely used and energy neutral Certhon has ever had realized.

In winter, Koppert Cress warms its greenhouse with warm water that has been stored in underground sources as residual heat. The JSK, a Certhon designed heating and cooling system, can efficiently heat the greenhouse with water of only 40 degrees Celsius. The JSK stands between the crop, sucks from above air, heats it and blows the warm air evenly under the crop into the greenhouse. This results in a completely even air distribution in the department. Together with the concrete floor heating, Koppert Cress’s greenhouse comes to the desired temperature. The heat pump provides extra, high-quality heat when required. No heat boiler is used throughout the process, which reduces energy costs.

In summer, the reverse process takes place. With the water from the cold source, the greenhouse is cooled by means of the JSK. Also, the heat pump provides for any extra cold when needed. An additional advantage is that Koppert Cress can easily and remotely control their various systems.

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