Creating an optimal climate in the greenhouse is where producers are working day in and day out for. A good climate provides optimal growth and production in the greenhouse and that's what you want. But would there be even more advantages to this good climate? In the building industry the relationship between physical environment and productivity is sufficiently well known.

KE GrowAir, a subsidiary of KE Fibertec, has its origins in the climate technology for the built environment. There is already some 30 years of experience for optimal air distribution in all kinds of different projects. At GrowAir, they know that there is already much research conducted about the relationship between a good physical environment and productivity of people. Overall, they know the following outcomes: Do you become happier by a healthy work environment? Yes! Do you become more productive when working in an area with a better quality of light, air, temperature and acoustics? Yes! But how should one translate this into a greenhouse work environment, which is an environment where extreme conditions are present.

Climate zones
In a conventional greenhouse there is at any time a balance between the elements that make the climate. Wind, clouds, sun radiation and humidity search among themselves to create a balance, even if one of these elements is extremely present. In a conventional greenhouse this leads to all sorts of varying climatic zones, each with its own properties. To control the uniform growth of the plant and for a worker who passes through them, these zones are not pleasant and it will be at the expense of the productivity of plant and people.

Create homogeneity
A grower will have to continue on his efforts to create homogeneity in the greenhouse. By using the GrowAir air distribution duct in a greenhouse for example, the unwanted air flows from above will decrease by the dominant inducing air flow which the inserted air mixes with the air present in the greenhouse. Due to the homogeneous air pattern layout and the inducing effect of inserted air, the differences in temperature and humidity will also decline. In the greenhouse the growing conditions will be more uniform which will come at the benefit of the employee and plants and their productivity.

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