Nitea IT Solutions will provide the new construction projects of Prominent growers Schenkeveld and Van Marrewijk Tomaten with Work-IT software. Tomato nursery Van Marrewijk Tomaten is going to set up a new nursery in the horticultural development area 'Nieuw Prinsenland' in Dinteloord and Schenkeveld is building a new greenhouse complex in the greenhouse horticulture area PrimA4a near Schiphol airport.

Schenkeveld currently has three cultivation sites, located in the Westland and Central Delfland and is building at PrimA4a in Rijsenhout its fourth cultivation site: Schenkeveld Schiphol. The greenhouse complex of Schenkeveld Schiphol will consist of four greenhouses of each 11 hectares with one large processing space for energy and water in the middle. This year, construction is taking place for the first greenhouse and the processing space. Project Schenkeveld Schiphol must be ready by 2020.

Tracking & Tracing
For Schenkeveld Schiphol, virtually all Nitea Work-IT software modules have been acquired. In addition, Nitea provides the tracking & tracing of the harvested products. This is done in combination with Taks Handling Systems, so that every activity in the logistics process is registered and recorded. As a result, the grower will also get insight into the actual buffer stock and be able to encode the tracking & tracing data on the harvested boxes. Location manager Pieter van der Wel of Schenkeveld Schiphol has so far been very pleased with the cooperation with Nitea. "Work-IT Crop is an excellent modular solution for our tomato company."

Van Marrewijk
Van Marrewijk Tomaten is currently based in Delfgauw, where tomatoes are grown in a greenhouse of 8.2 hectare. The nursery has been sold to an adjacent rose nursery, so it became possible to buy land and to build a new greenhouse. In the horticultural development area 'Nieuw Prinsenland' in Dinteloord, a new company of 19.4 hectares is being realized that is going to work with the Work-IT software modules: Labor and Production, Packaging, Quality, Planning and Crop Protection. As with Schenkeveld, Nitea also provides tracking & tracing of the harvested products. A collaboration with Bogaerts Greenhouse is only done here.

In Dinteloord, Van Marrewijk has further opted for Nitea's mobile solution: registering and scanning with tablet or smartphone. The Work IT applications run on these devices and are the wireless alternative for wired hardware, such as input terminals. Twan van Marrewijk chose for the mobile solution. Within the tomato industry, his company is the first organization in the Netherlands where it will be applied on a scale of this size.

Producer organization Prominent
Schenkeveld and Van Marrewijk Tomaten are affiliated with producer organization Prominent. The organization consists of 29 growers with a total of 360 hectares of tomatoes. The growers work closely together in exchanging knowledge and experience and in investing in new cultivation techniques.

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