On September 11th and 12th, Dutch growers associations Best of Four, Door, Harvest House and Van Nature invite growers and experts from companies and research institutions to attend the GLAS4.0 Accelerator Workshop to explore the use of technology to create a brighter future for horticulture.

"We will start with obtaining as much information as possible about the current state of affairs and the application and possibilities of these technologies in fruit vegetables. Afterwards, the participants will start working on the question of how research and application can be accelerated."

Harrij Schmeitz, Fresh Information Management Center, Knowledge Center on Information Technology for the Dutch Fresh Produce Center and Program Manager GLAS4.0: “In our exploration of the application of such technologies in horticulture, we noted that development in technology is very high, even accelerating."

"Who could have imagined that a Kinect sensor from an Xbox game computer might be used for crop imaging but it has already been demonstrated in fruit cultivation: it really works. However, to accelerate this development in horticulture, cooperation between growers and high tech companies is essential. Computers and robots are fast learners, but they need the eyes of the master –the growers- to be able to learn. "

Participation in the workshop is free of charge (excluding travel and hotel fees, if applicable) and invitation only. Participants are expected to share their own findings, actively contribute to discussions and to be open to reflection and cooperation.

Interested parties are invited to submit an application by sending an email to glas40@ficenter.nl