At the start of this year, Royal Brinkman introduced the spare parts finder. This handy tool allows growers to find the right part for a machine or installation in just three easy steps.

When Royal Brinkman introduced the spare parts finder there were around 6,000 parts added to the spare parts finder. At this point around 10,000 products have now been added. This includes spare parts of suppliers such as Uvar, Berg Hortimotive, Veha plastics, Priva and Revaho. The expansion of spare parts is mainly due to the input of the growers. Dean van Ooijen, (project coordinator of the spare parts finder): “At first, there were only spare parts of the machines and installations we sell at Royal Brinkman. By asking the growers which machines and installations they run at their nurseries, we could contact these suppliers and expand the spare parts finder range with relevant products."

“The spare parts finder works a lot faster!”
Growers are very pleased with the spare parts finder. Previously it proved to be difficult and time consuming to find the right spare part and order it, this tool ends that. With just three clicks you can easily find all parts for filters, valves, pipe rail trolleys, pumps and Dosatrons. Peter Nouws (of Greenhouse Hoevekestein): “before if I was looking for a part, I had to call and try to explain which part I needed. Now I can easily find it in the spare parts finder. This greatly reduces the chance of mistakes and works a lot faster."

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