A UK tomato grower in the East Riding of Yorkshire has recently installed Apex screens in order to reduce temperature variations throughout his greenhouse and create a more balanced climate.

Ebtech Glasshouse Systems Ltd was contracted for the supply and installation of the Apex Screening. The screening was installed in three sections of the 29-section long Venlo glasshouse and covered the full width of the 18 spans with 4 meter wide Apex’s.

Apex screens work in conjunction with the lower horizontal screen; they restrict cold air movement and thereby maximize the heat retention. It prevents the cold air to move and create cold spots above the screen. This creates a more stable and uniform climate throughout the entire greenhouse operation, which on its turn creates a more uniform growth and production.

Designed to work in conjunction with the lower horizontal screen to maximise heat retention and restrict cold air movement.

Working closely with on site company HSL, Ebtech completed the installation to the complete satisfaction of the grower.

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