Imports seem to be up significantly of heirloom tomatoes from Guatemala. “We’re bringing in more product than we did last year,” says Charlie Eagle of Pompano Beach, FL-based Southern Specialties. “We’re up about 30 per cent over last year.” 

Southern Specialties, who grow and import the company’s Southern Selects heirlooms from Guatemala year round, offers four varieties in a spectrum of colours that may include purple, green, red and yellow, baby heirlooms and other products. “In the winter, people are always searching for good quality, very flavourful tomatoes and that’s one of the things that the heirlooms bring to the table,” he says. “They’re known for their flavour and we can offer varieties that bring the consumers excellent colour and different flavour profiles.” 

Winter looks strong
And since Southern Specialties aims to bring in imported tomatoes as the local heirloom season dies down—leaving Mexico really as the only other substantial source of imports—Eagle believes demand will stay looking positive. “We see good demand through the holiday season and we expect to have good demand through the rest of the winter months,” he says. 

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