Douglas Bundy of Tennessee has just closed on 6.12 acres of land located in Springfield, TN. He intends to build out the first United States Vertical Farming showcase using Affinor Growers technology. The facility will be similar in size and scope to the first of its kind full-scale Vertical Farm currently under construction in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Slated for completion in March of 2017, the $2.5M British Columbia strawberry production farm will be 15,000 square feet and will house 32 full scale towers producing roughly $1.3M per year in revenue with estimated 35% net return.

Vertical Designs LTD has also signed a deal agreeing to partner with Douglas Bundy for the build-out and operations of the Tennessee farm. Together they plan to launch all products under the Eco-Spirit label which is now trademarked in the US and Canada.

Douglas Bundy comments: "I am very excited about this project and the opportunity to work with Affinor Grower's and Mr. Brusatore. I have been a follower of the hi-tech Vertical Farming space for quite a while. Times have changed for agriculture, and now is the time for new technologies in food production to come to the fore. Mass-producing organic foods with zero water waste and no pesticides in a clean safe environment is very appealing to me."

"The support I've received from the Affinor Grower's team has been very professional. The business model and the technology make for an excellent opportunity to partner with the leaders in the Vertical Farming industry. I am also very excited to work with Mr. Nick Brusatore. His expertise in the industry is second to none and I look forward to collaborating with him to complete the job here in the USA."

Amanda Weber comments: "We are very happy to be partnering in the USA and showcasing the Affinor Technology and look forward to delivering top quality organic food and new jobs to the State of Tennessee in 2017."

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