KUBO has been active in France for many years. In 2010, KUBO built the first Ultra-Clima for Tomatrio in France, which was the first one in Europe. Ever since, France has embraced greenhouses built with the Ultra-Clima concept.

This concept is a higher investment than a traditional greenhouse. Thanks to the higher productivity and energy savings, the extra investment can be returned in a short time. In addition to these benefits, key points include food safety in cultivation, reduced CO2 emissions and controlled water consumption. In addition to these operational aspects, the attention for people and planet is important. An example is food safety in cultivation. Growing crops using insect netting and overpressure prevent harmful insects from entering the greenhouse. This makes the finished product one step better again for people, and fewer pesticide residues will enter the environment.

Based in part on these benefits, another 3 greenhouses are delivered in France with the Ultra-Clima concept. The Olivier project is built for cucumber cultivation with a surface area of 2.6 ha. The cucumbers will be cultivated on a high-wire system under diffuse glass. The reason for Mr Olivier’s choice is the energy-efficient benefits this concept offers and the higher production. The project will be delivered by the end of this year.

There is an extra benefit in the Agriland and Batanères projects. These projects are being constructed in the Aquitaine area (around Bordeaux). In the summer months, between June and September, it is very challenging to do cultivation work due to the high temperatures. The Ultra-Clima greenhouse cools the air coming in based on condensation, allowing for great cultivation even in summer. Both projects combined have a surface area of 10 ha and the first tomato plants will be in the soil in early 2017.

These projects have been realized by KUBO in conjunction with their French agent, Hortère Conseil.

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