It’s peak season for chilies from Mexico. The season started mid-November and continues all the way through July. “Our chilies are grown in Mexico’s Nayarit, Sinaloa and Sonora regions,” says Carlos Villa with Higueral Produce. 

Extended California supplies
Supplies are very good, but Villa is disappointed about demand. “It is very slow at the moment, because California is still in production,” he said. Normally, California is done by the first of November, but because of the good weather, the state’s window of production got extended. Villa expects all California chili growers to be finished by the end of this week. That provides opportunities for Mexico for the next few weeks,” shared Villa. “It is common for demand to ease a little bit after Thanksgiving, but it will be strong in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas.” 

Higueral Produce grows the Jalapeno, Yellow Wax, Anaheim and Serrano pepper varieties as well as tomatillos. “The Jalapeno and Anaheim varieties are very popular in the US and have become mainstream. The other varieties are still considered a specialty item,” said Villa. 

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