About 15 years ago, Mardenkro BV in the Netherlands decided to open a branch and factory in Canada to support the local market in coatings and cleaning solutions. Together with Peter Heemskerk, who emigrated to Canada in the early eighties, the company Mardenkro North America Ltd was set up.

Starting with a few productions of ReduSol and ReduClean, the sales in Canada increased rapidly and Peter needed to build a strong network of reliable distributors across Canada and the United States. With the assigning of AI Asesores for distribution of ReduSystems coatings in Mexico 10 years ago, Mardenkro set foot in this country as well. Peter supports all distributors in North America to get them inventory on time so growers can be supplied immediate when needed.

Currently, Mardenkro North America’s distribution network covers North, Central and South America, from Canada to Ecuador. Major flower and vegetable growers use Mardenkro’s ReduSystems coatings and with new solutions, like AntiReflect, it is likely that sales will increase considerably in the coming years. In addition, Mardenkro has also developed functional coatings for other branches such as the sports market.

To achieve their goals, Mardenkro is looking to hire a new account manager to support growers and distributors in North and South America. The new account manager, who is established in the United States or Mexico, will together with Peter Heemskerk and Dutch sales manager Barry Zuidgeest, expand the Mardenkro market.

A job description of this vacancy can be obtained by clicking on this link or by sending an email to peter@mardenkro.com.

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