How do you keep consumers inspired after the festive month of December? By focusing on the little moments of joy in everyday life. Prominent discusses how to achieve this and how modern shoppers need an individual approach instead of being placed into a fixed target group. This blog describes the first segment of their Shopper Model: The Consumer.

More channels, more information
Today’s consumers are well informed about products and special offers; they often know what they want to buy. Through social media, various types of magazines and cooking shows on television, they receive expert information and become inspired chefs. Instead of just following the herd, modern consumers want to express themselves through their shopping and cooking.

Fixed target groups vs individual shoppers
Previously, consumers were placed in distinctive target groups. Nowadays, consumers rapidly change from one group to the next, driven by external factors such a certain time, occasion and company. A mother of three can be a savvy shopper focused on family groceries one day, grab a quick snack before heading to her gym class the next, and spend a small fortune on an elaborate dinner for friends the day after.

"It’s good to know you!"
To really makes a difference, we need to start understanding consumers on an individual level, according to Prominent. Next to focusing on main events like Christmas and New Year’s Eve or a health-conscious start of 2017, we need to gain insight in our consumers’ personal situation. Did they recently welcome a baby, buy a new house or change jobs, for example? Such life changing events will influence their needs, budget and shopping pattern.

Small moments of happiness
How can we keep inspiring our consumers when this fun-filled December is over? By focusing on the small moments of happiness which bring a smile to our face at any moment. Instead of only focusing on the main events, we can offer consumers new ideas and the right tools to make every day special. How about a well-deserved dinner after a long working day, a fun and healthy lunchbox for kids, a quick snack for on the road or a winter warming oven-dish for the weekend? Small moments like these can have a big impact; to our customers and increasing sales.

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