AUSVEG has welcomed the resolution of the damaging and hard fought ‘backpacker tax’ issue through the eleventh-hour deal between the Government, Greens and crossbench, which will finally see certainty for Australia’s hardworking growers with a compromise rate of 15 per cent.

AUSVEG is relieved that a number of parties and politicians have come together to reach a deal, which effectively ends the 18 month saga that has significantly dented confidence in Australia as a backpacker destination.

“This outcome means that after 18 months of confusion and uncertainty, Australian growers can now finally move forward with certainty about the future of the working holiday maker program,” said AUSVEG CEO Simon Bolles.

“We are incredibly pleased to see this compromise finally rule out the damaging 32.5 per cent tax rate that threatened our industry.”

“While we welcome the bipartisanship which has brought us this compromise deal, the treatment of this issue should serve as an example of the need to ensure industry is involved in policy development from start to finish,” said Mr Bolles.

“The treatment of the backpacker tax issue is an indictment on our current Parliament, with growers seen to be held to ransom by political games until the last sitting day of the year.”

“This must never happen again. The farmers and growers of Australia deserve better.” 

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