CambridgeHOK are currently in the construction phase of their appointment by Martin Flynn of MF Nurseries to supply and build the second phase of their business development plan. The structures will comprise of a 5120m2 Venlo glasshouse and a 880m2 packing/storage area to facilitate modern tomato production.

Pictured left to right: William Flynn, Noel O’Leary (CambridgeHOK) and Martin Flynn.

Packing & growing areas
The packing area will feature a 16mtr span between support posts providing an open plan easy working area which will be clad with colour enhanced insulated panelling and feature aluminium side windows. The electrically operated Rapid rollup doors will provide fast, easy access between all working areas.

The latest specification Venlo glasshouse will ensure all natural light available will be evenly distributed throughout the entire growing area. Consisting of 8mtr spans, 5 mtr sections and a 5.8mtr gutter height will guarantee simplified and more efficient high wire crop production. The ER glazing system comprises a factory fitted full length EPDM seal and rubber capping strip resulting in a much lower heat loss through the roof. It also reduces glass breakage considerably as the glass does not come into direct contact with the roof glazing bar.

Screens & air circulation fans
The growing area will benefit from the installation of a horizontal translucent energy saving cloth screen system. The unique slipping clutch screen system can function as either a thermal energy screen and/or a high light shading system, as is seasonally required. The screen cloth is PhormiTex Super produced by Bonar. This is a fire-retardant cloth that helps regulate moisture and humidity and diffuses incoming light in all directions. When a salad crop screen system is installed, uniform air distribution throughout the glasshouse is essential, for this purpose air circulation fans will be installed to ensure uniformity throughout the glasshouse and crop.

Irrigation and growing gutters
For the new growing area, CHOK will extend the present closed irrigation system with new valve groups, clean and drain water storage tanks. The (Sunblock) pressure compensated drip irrigation system will be installed along with the latest specification galvanised steel suspended Growing Gutter system, providing the ultimate closed irrigation system. All materials and associated components making up the irrigation system will be coloured white to further enhance light distribution throughout the crop.

Heating & CO2
The hot water heating system and CO2 will be served from an existing 1750kW boiler plant coupled to a 245,000 litre thermal store. The growing area heating will consist of both rail pipe and grow pipe systems. The rail pipe heating system additionally enables electrically operated picking trolleys to travel effortlessly along rows, whilst the grow pipe is located within the crop to further enhance heat distribution within the crop.

The extracted CO2 gases are to be distributed via a lay-flat tube system, which is located between crop rows to enhance circulation.

Controls & electrics
The existing Priva environmental control system will be extended to facilitate all monitoring and control parameters for both glasshouse climate and irrigation requirements. While Priva Office takes care of the overall software system management and strategy, all climate requirements are dealt with via the Priva Connect system. In the irrigation room the Priva Vialux U V disinfection unit and Nutriflex pumping unit manage and control the closed watering system. Control has been further improved with the addition of a Drain Sensor System (DSS). The root optimisation software module monitors water absorption to enable optimised water dosage and distribution.

Electrical requirements such as motors, pumps, lighting and small power items for the growing and packing areas will be carried out in accordance with BS7671 / IEC 364, 17th Edition IEE wiring regulations to the highest standard.

This latest CHOK project is due for completion December 2016.

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