Family Fresh Farms and Javelin Power announce the completion of the first stage of the 5ha glasshouse project at Peat’s Ridge, just to the north of Sydney, NSW. The installation of a Danish-made, Justsen Energiteknik 5MW hot water boiler, with an Austrian-made Scheuch electro-static precipitator means that the FFF site now has a carbon-neutral form of heat generation with the lowest possible emissions profile, and with a running cost of a fraction of what would have been required to generate the heat from LPG. The system will use sustainably produced forestry residues from the surrounding region.

The Gerry Harvey-owned Family Fresh Farms site will eventually grow to cover 10ha, supplying vegetables into the Sydney and East Coast food markets. By pursuing a bio-energy thermal generation source, Family Fresh Farms have not only demonstrated a commitment to sustainable farming, but also insulated itself from both the inherently high cost of LPG, and the explosion in the natural gas that is being experienced across Australia.

The facility is expected to be completed and operations commenced by March 2017.

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