On Friday, the first Spanish Intense plum tomatoes arrived at P. Zuijderwijk Import. “Three to four weeks late, as a consequence of the cold weather, so customers had to exercise patience,” Zuijderwijk says. “Furthermore, supply is still sparse. We have a limited amount of tomatoes available, so demand is good, as are prices. But up till now we have had to go all out to meet mandatory contracts.”

Zuijderwijk supplies tomatoes under the Roxy brand, and has these available in sizes M, MP and MM. The most important buyers are exporters and wholesalers, but cutting plants also show enormous interest. “Intense tomatoes have a higher density than other tomatoes, but do not lose shape or juiciness because of that. It truly is a great tomato for sandwiches,” Zuijderwijk concludes. He expects to be able to offer Intense tomatoes until the end of April.

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