Ruben Gambina and Vincenzo Celeste are the founders of Supervega, a Sicilian start-up. Both are very young and decided to bring the best Sicilian vegetables to vegans all over the peninsula. All this thanks to excellent produce and special packaging.Supervega products can be ordered rather simple - just visit the website and choose a combination of products. They will be delivered in a box designed to maintain everything fresh and intact.

Our colleagues at FreshPlaza.It interviewed the two entrepreneurs behind Supervega:

FreshPlaza (FP) - Where did the idea of delivering produce directly to vegans come from?

Supervega (SV) - "We thought about vegans because a few of our friends opted for this lifestyle. But of course our products are available to everyone. The vegan trend is increasing and we decided to address this market with a dedicated communication."

Supervega therefore aims at middle-income clients that do not always have the time to shop traditionally but at the same time do not want to miss out on high-quality produce.

FP - Innovation and market research - are these the daily ingredients of your work?
(SV) - "Most farmers produce fruit and vegetables this way in our sector. Retailers, especially in the north, often supply produce of this quality at prohibitive prices. We help not only clients, but even producers, as we eliminate links within the chain and make sure vegetables arrive at destinations in the best condition possible."

FP - What are the perspectives?
(SV) - "We have been working in this sector for 5 years. We thought we were filling a gap in the market and we were right. So far, feedback has been extremely positive for what concerns both the products and delivery service. Our value for money is appreciated especially in the North, where prices are particularly higher than average."
"Online commerce is the future - actually, it is the present. Everybody uses it and we need to be courageous and have our product on everyone's table."

Watch the FreshPlaza interview: 

Gambina R.S. & Celeste V. SNC

SUPERVEGA (Marchio registrato)
Indirizzo: Via U. Terracini 28
97019 Vittoria (RG)
Tel.1: +39 339 85 75 473
Tel.2: +39 329 104 4118

Author: Gaetano Piccione