Cannabis Science, a U.S. company specializing in the development of cannabinoid-based medicines, has begun its first cannabinoid drug development land deal buildout in Douglas County, Nevada. The initial phase of the buildout is set to include 33,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space.

With a substantial piece of land reserved for greenhouse space, Cannabis Science will be able to begin growing for cannabinoid extractions quickly, and in optimal conditions. This will give the company direct access to specific cannabinoid combinations for research and drug development, which will spur the process of getting more products out to an ever-growing customer base.

In addition to the greenhouse space, the company is working to determine the best location on the lands to build and open Raymond C. Dabney University, which will be the focal point of a self-sustaining community that emphasizes academic and clinical studies of business, law, agriculture, and medicinal science as they relate to cannabinoids and other real world application and study.

"It is such an incredible feeling to see our great plans finally coming to fruition," said Director, President, CEO & Co-Founder, Raymond C. Dabney, "We're hitting the ground running, and soon we will be growing specific cannabinoid combinations with our partners to study and develop into a wide range of new drugs for all self-medicating patients. This is the dawn of a new era for our great company."

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