In order to supply more Mexican growers with advanced greenhouse films, Hyplast has partnered with Leyton Greenhouse and Supply. The Guanajuato based supply company will now offer the complete range of Hyplast films from their offices and warehouses in Celaya and Monterrey.

Edgar Leyton is proud to add the Hyplast line of products to his product catalogue. "Over the last few years we have increased our offerings and started to focus on high quality products. We believe that the Hyplast line of plastic films meet our high quality standards".

Leyton explained that Mexican growers have increased their technical knowledge and are more aware of the possibilities of more advanced products. "They are often looking for more technical products that can meet their requirements for specific situations. In regards to greenhouse cover materials, the Hyplast portfolio provides us with the opportunity to meet their demand for such specific films for specific climatic situations."

Tom de Smedt of Hyplast with Edgar Leyton of Leyton Greenhouse & Supply at the Expo Agroalimentaria Guanajuato in Mexico last week.

Tom de Smedt of Hyplast explained that their films were already available in Mexico via greenhouse builder Serretek. Leyton Greenhouse and Supply will work together with Serretek and take care for the distribution in the replacement market. "The big advantage of Edgar and his team is that they know almost everybody in this industry. Not only the largest growers, but also many smaller Mexican farmers. They often need small quantities of films, but they need it fast. They need the right materials, right quantities, right sized and the right services and consultancy. Leyton has many qualified staff on board to provide these services."

The Mexican greenhouses industry currently is seeing a big growth. "A lot of development is going on, with many investments being made in greenhouse cultivation of high value crops like berries. Hyplast' product portfolio answers the need of these growers for films with special characteristics to meet shifting climates and changing light levels", said Edgar Leyton. "It is very important that we have many types of films available with specific features to meet all the different crops and locations in both low and high tech segments of the market."

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