On November 1st, a new company by the name of Holland Horti Systems has started in Calhan, Colorado. The company is focused on the supply of horticultural materials and is led by Harry Vlottes. The aim here is to help growers improve on quality and production. Good and practical knowledge of materials is essential.

Holland Horti Systems is a subsidiary of Huisman Scherming in the Netherlands, a developer and installer of curtain and black out systems for over 45 years.
By creating Holland Horti Systems, the know how and expertise is applied in North America. The President, Harry Vlottes has lived and worked in the US for over 20 years and has worked as horticulture manager. Harry's extensive horticulture experience will benefit growers.

Holland Horti Systems also maintains an extensive online shop, where growers can find a wide range of materials. The online shop includes pictures for quick and easy reference to the products you are looking for. The ease of on line ordering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will ensure fast and accurate delivery.

For more information:

Holland Horti Systems

6669 McClelland Road
Calhan, CO 80808 USA
Tel: +1 (719) 310-4051

Huisman Scherming
Leehove 39
2678 MA De Lier