Zerez Holdings announced completion of its first "Smart Greenhouse" sale in Northern California. The lease/purchase agreement totals $900,000 in revenues, to be paid in 60 monthly installments of $15,000 each beginning on or before January 2017. The advanced greenhouse system has been turned over to the customer who plans to begin immediate production while continuing to work with Next Gen's technical team for daily field testing of the company's proprietary commercial greenhouse control system. Pending successful testing approval of the control system, the company expects its customer to sign a subscription and maintenance agreement in approximately 90 days.

Zerez Holdings, first appearing on Money TV two weeks ago, announced its acquisition of stealth company Next Generation Farming, to focus on advanced agriculture technologies including smart greenhouses for both the organic transitional farming and explosive cannabis industry.

President John Taylor stated, "We are very excited to announce our first revenue sale just weeks after launching publicly. The fact that we simultaneously installed our automated control system in a live production environment shows great confidence from our customer. We are very confident that our technical team will continue to refine our turnkey solution from the daily feedback it receives. The end result will be a follow on revenue relationship with our customer, backed by real world results."

Taylor added, "We have been working round the clock to finish up this project so we position ourselves as a core company in the advanced agriculture and cannabis market sector. I am truly proud of our team, and with overwhelming approval of cannabis legislation, especially in California, we feel we are ready to capitalize on the demand."

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