The very first Taiwan International Fruit and Vegetable Show (TFVS), hosted by My Exhibition and Sphere Exhibits Malaysia at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, wraps up on Nov. 12.

The TFVS is hosting 183 exhibitors from 13 countries, distributed across 260 booths, in a total area of 5,058 square meters. The show connects actors from across the supply chain, as well as representatives from academic and research facilities related to Taiwan's fruits and vegetable industry, according to Ball Chang, president and CEO of My Exhibition Co. Ltd.

"Fruits and vegetables are among the top food sources explored, grown and harvested, then processed, traded and researched around the world," said Lai Kuo-hsing, director general of the Bureau of Foreign Trade Kaohsiung Office.

But because fruits and vegetables are difficult to grow, preserve and transport, they are sensitive to weather conditions and changes in climate, Lai said.

Welcomed and supported by government agencies and a great number of industrial associations, the TFVS is an exploration of the resources, needs and expertise of various local markets.

It helps businesses in the fruit and vegetable industry find new opportunities, solutions and business partnerships internationally.