The idea of multicoloured tomatoes came to Gianfranco Cunsolo in 2005. He understood the need to introduce a niche product to the market that stood out against all other standard products.

"I realised that, since North African tomatoes were introduced into Europe, products had become standardised, so the price paid to producers diminished. Talking to a few of my Dutch clients, I understood that, by combining different varieties, I could create something truly unique."

Our packets of colourful tomatoes are appealing to consumers who care about quality and appreciate innovation, combined with tradition.

Gianfranco Cunsolo

"This is how the Wild Tomato or Wild Wonder was born. Thanks to the presentation, compactness, shape and tastiness, it is very popular in Northern Europe."

The following varieties make up a 200 or 300 gram packets: yellow cherry tomatoes, orange plum tomato, green Cocktail, straked cocktains, mini red San Marzano, purple and pink cherry tomatoes.

But how are the tomato varieties chosen and where are they most appreciated?

"Tomatoes are chosen according to their shape, colour and organoleptic qualities. Our main markets are Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Great Britain, Sweden and Norway."

This product has an added value compared to the mass tomatoes currently available on the domestic and international markets. This is also true because cultivation is made more difficult by the fact that each variety has its specific characteristics.

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Author: G.P. for FreshPlaza