UK-based fruit and vegetable breeder Gourmet Genetics has granted vegetable seed specialist CN Seeds exclusive marketing and distribution rights for a range of new cocktail tomatoes and chilli peppers specially developed to suit the British climate. The agreement between the two companies, which becomes effective from this week, will bring Gourmet Genetics’ fascinating new chilli pepper varieties to a wider market, not just in the UK, but also in northern Europe, the US and Canada. This will include the launch of six new chilli varieties and a new tomato later this year.

Instead of the usual competition to find the hottest chilli, the emphasis has been on understanding and developing more complex flavours. An example is the Trinidad Perfume, which looks like a typical Habanero but rather than heat, boasts an intense and aromatic flavour. Another early Gourmet Genetics introduction, Hot Thai, was given the RHS Award of Garden Merit, for its compact habit and very high yield potential.

“In chilli peppers, there is a lot of hype around how hot a chilli can be, but rather than heat Gourmet Genetics has selected a range that focuses on really good taste and flavour,” said CN Seeds business development manager, Charles Seddon.

Gourmet Genetics partner, Maggie Goodsell, said: “Our strengths in the business have been the breeding and selecting of new varieties. To allow us time to continue with this side of the business we have come to an agreement with CN Seeds who will now be doing the marketing and dispatch on our behalf.

“CN Seeds will stock all our core varieties and will also be responsible for the launch of six new chillies and a cocktail tomato planned when seed becomes available later this year.”

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