The Pomodoro di Pachino IGP family is growing to include plum and mini-plum varieties. 

The modification of the PGI production specification was a complex procedure that involved both the Region and the Ministry for Agricultural and Food Policy, which set up a specific commission to assess the requisites of the new varieties.

"The three months in which other members could object have passed and nobody presented any objection to Bruxelles, so the final decree will be issued by the Commission and, from there, the produce will start to be certified," explains technician Salvatore Francavilla.

It is important news for the entire production area. Joe Fortunato, Director of Fortunato Srl, said that "the PGI mark guarantees that Pachino plum tomatoes will stand out on the market. We now need to create a special relationship within the retail sector." 

"The Consortium is also working to increase foreign purchases of PGI produce. It is already difficult to make people recognise PGI cherry tomatoes but, thanks to this mark, the markets should require more volumes."

The comment of the Consortium
"We have been working on this type of tomatoes for years. We will now be able to promote it better and make it stand out against produce from other areas. The mark will also contribute to increase the profits of producers," explains President Sebastiano Fortunato.

"Even those who do not produce cherry or ribbed tomatoes now have the chance to obtain the PGI mark, so we have increased our potential partners. In addition, sales prices are 20-25% more, meaning larger margins," stresses Director Salvatore Chiaramida.