Susanne Bertolas, Eastern Canada Merchandiser for Fruits from Chile, has joined forces with Wines of Chile to strike a strategic partnership. As grocers move towards a solutions store concept, Fruits From Chile and Wines of Chile believe a partnership can help achieve sales goals through cross-merchandising strategies. In 2017 Fruits from Chile and Wines of Chile will be cross- merchandising in stores across Ontario.

Wines of Chile and the Trade Commission of Chile (ProChile) presented their annual celebration of wine, food, music and culture at the Toronto Royal Ontario Museum on November 1, 2016. Fruits from Chile had the opportunity to participate in this event to kick off the partnership with Wines of Chile. 

An outstanding set of 26 wineries and more that 150 wines were available for tasting. Both Trade and Consumers were treated to a truly rare, cultural experience, as they discovered, tasted and were able to learn about the world of Chilean wine, food and most importantly, get emotionally connected to Chile!

Guests enjoyed a Chilean inspired menu, created by Chef Andres Michel, amongst the many dishes of Chilean fusion cuisine. On the menu were delicious meatballs accompanied with blueberries!

To top off the evening, live Chilean cultural dancing was performed by the Group Chile Dance Company.

The Fruits from Chile and Wines of Chile partnership will achieve awareness of Chile’s unique qualities of Fruit, Food, Wine and Exploration. Building a consumer preference as they discover and fall in love with Chile!

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