Mark Angermayer, the owner of Tubby Fruits Peach Orchard in Kansas City, picked a "Lady Nancy" peach that weighed 1.68 lbs (763.39 grams) and measured 4.6 inches in diameter, thus setting the new world record for the Heaviest Peach, according to the World Record Academy.

Angermayer had the peach, which was grown in the backyard orchard at his home in Stilwell, weighed. The peach weighed 763 grams and measured 4.6 inches in diameter. The current Guinness World Record is 725 grams and is held by a Michigan man.

The Stilwell man lost most of the blooms on the 30 peach trees in his backyard to a late frost. (His main Belton orchard consists of about 400 peach trees.) 

With a limited number of peaches to support, a large tree produced several dozen peaches that were "just huge," Angermayer told the Star.