Mademoiselle Cheri is a delicious, sweet and aromatic mini tomato which makes special moments taste even better: a romantic dinner for two, a fun evening with friends, a birthday party or just an evening at home in front of the telly!

Sandra van der Veer, marketing officer for the growers' association Van Nature, said, "Mademoiselle Cheri is easy-to-use, healthy and great-tasting all in one go: these mini tomatoes are ready to eat, they come in a handy little box and they are top-quality with a heavenly taste and aroma!”

Mademoiselle Cheri is a unique, delicious, healthy, ready-to-eat mini tomato bursting with flavour. The naturally deep-red, shiny tomatoes are cut on the vine, just like cherries– living up to their name of cherry tomatoes! They are amazingly sweet and aromatic. Eat these treats from the vine and create a wonderful taste experience, enhanced by the fabulous aroma. 

Mademoiselle Cheri cherry tomatoes come in a special, attractive and distinctive packaging that you can present at parties, or any time you fancy a snack.

When the box is empty, the vines can be disposed of along with organic waste and the box with waste paper. Easy, sustainable and kind to the environment.

Mademoiselle Cheri fits the consumers' needs by combining attractive, sustainable packaging with a great-tasting, natural product that is really catching on.

Almost 75% of the consumers who were interviewed prefer paper or cardboard packaging. The box used for Mademoiselle Cheri has certainly hit the mark.

The attractive packaging and taste of the product are just right for the occasions when 85% of people like to eat these little tomatoes: as a snack and as a treat at parties. Almost 70% of those interviewed were satisfied with the 225 g content of the pack. Almost one quarter would like to see even bigger packs containing these delicious little tomatoes. Mademoiselle Cheri can help you to increase your sales and turnover in cherry tomatoes on the vine. Mademoiselle Cheri: the unique cherry tomato on the vine for every special occasion!

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